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Investing in family memories: professionally created images are invaluable and tangible memories of you and your children that will only increase in sentimental value as your family grows.

starting at $350


First days: always remember the magical feeling of holding your little baby close to you in those moments where time just stops. Expecting: convey how loved, cherished and utterly adored your baby was before they were born with beautiful, artful images.

starting at $350


Create attractive content that represents your brand in a real & artful way for your website & social media. Lifestyle headshot images of you in your business + images that represent your product, portfolio & brand, as well as your personal interests.

starting at $350


Represent your brand & product or portfolio of work for your website & social media. For the creative/self employed entrepreneur that sells products or has need of a collection of images of their finished or in progress work.

starting at $550


Why should we invest in family images?

Quite simply - you can never get these moments back. Your child will grow so fast under your nose and you will want more than anything to remember them in those tiny moments. The value of images increases with age exponentially!

When & where will our session be?

If shooting outdoors, we exclusively photograph all of our sessions in the last few hours before sunset. This is because the light at this time of day is quite simply the most flattering. It is golden, pretty and makes your skin look flawless! The exact time changes throughout the year, but is roughly 6-8pm in summer and 4:30-6:30pm in spring/fall. Lifestyle, product, branding and newborn sessions can be done anytime of day if shooting indoors.

How do I organize and prepare my business/lifestyle content session?

After an initial chat over the phone, we will suggest and send you loads of tips for how to dress, organize and prepare your lifestyle/content session. Each business us unique and we aim to personalize this experience based on your specific needs. We’ve got your back!

Why should I invest in images for my business?

Last I checked, the internet was not going away. You need attractive content that represents your brand in a real way. Lifestyle headshot images of you in your business and images that represent your product, portfolio & brand. People want to know about you as well as your business and images can show your interests and personality without a single word.

Do you edit the images?

All images are edited for colour balance, cropping and exposure as needed and are further edited for client personal taste and desires.

What should we wear? Hair + makeup?

We will send you loads of tips for attire/hair/makeup upon booking your session! In a nutshell though, pick a colour scheme and coordinate (not exactly match) with family members (team and or brand for lifestyle images). Follow me on Pinterest and view my attire suggestion boards!